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The Famous Fish Market

Amazing Fried Fish. The Famous Fish Market is located just two short blocks South from the A,B,C,D train station at 145th. This place is nothing to look at as the decor is nothing to write about. The lines, according to others in line with me, are usually long but fast moving. What makes this place very good indeed is wonderful fried fish.
The fried fish is the reason to be here. The portions are huge and seasoned to perfection. The outside is properly crispy yet when you bite into a piece you will taste tender and flavorful. I found the fries to be OK but nothing exciting. I was very happy that the fish was fried skin on and the skin was great. Sometimes when improperly prepared the skin can be acrid. Not here. Very nice. They provide tartar sauce and a few extras. I think next time I will get the fish sandwich because the amount provided was more than I could handle at one sitting.

The lines often snake around the corner at Harlem’s Famous Fish Market, but for fried fish fans, it’s worth the wait. This tiny restaurant only serves fried fish, shrimp and chips, but it’s a meal done just right, with a light, spicy batter, fried fresh in front of the customer. Don’t forget to request hot sauce or tartar sauce before the staff wraps up the fish.

The fish and chips here are hands down my favorite in the city. Always fresh, always made to order. It does get really busy here, so be prepared. This place is take out only (no place to sit)... you enter towards the right and place your order and slide down to the left as people receive there orders to keep it moving along. You can also place phone orders for pickup.

Adeni Reg.

Everything here is amazing! If you get dessert, definitel recommend the Bentu Box as it's the perfect ending to a great meal! All the dishes are shareable and you can mix and match differe dishes

Sigma Alure

Whenever I'm in Harlem I do my best to get here, that's how good it is! I'm not looking for 5* customer service buying fish from a place "under the stairs". While excellent customer service is always a good thing, it's not a criteria for Famous Fish.

Pamella M.L.

The food was absolutely amazing. The expeditious service and pacing of the kitchen is equally impressive.

Andrew M.